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Central vacuum cleaner installation service

For central vacuum cleaner installation services in Montreal and surrounding areas, choose a trusted team that has been in business since 1938. LA MAISON DE L’ASPIRATEUR distributes a wide selection of the most powerful and efficient central vacuum cleaners. We offer to you products whose power and technology may vary to best meet the needs of our residential or commercial customers.

We only sell the best brands that are on the market, central vacuum cleaners from the following brands: Cyclovac, Vacumaid, Mvac, Aspirtech, Super Vac, Nilfisk and Eureka. You will also find the largest selection of made-in-Quebec products right here. LA MAISON DE L’ASPIRATEUR is the official distributor and installer in the greater Montreal area of Retraclex retractable hoses as well as the famous Chameleon retractable hoses, which everyone is talking about. LA MAISON DE L’ASPIRATEUR also sells a multitude of accessories and hoses to help facilitate and expand the use of your central vacuum.

How is a central vacuum cleaner installed?

The central vacuum is connected to a PVC pipe network with suction outlets in the case of a standard installation or with an elongated network with wall outlets adapted for retractable hoses. The number of wall outlets will be determined by the technician according to the type of installation performed (standard or with retractable hose) and according to the size of the house, condo or business.

This network is installed by our qualified technicians, with the piping hidden and the start and stop of the vacuum cleaner will be done automatically, using either a control on the hose or a control at the wall outlet (depending on the type of installation chosen).

The installation of the central vacuum is done in a remote but accessible location in the house, such as the basement, garage or workshop, which helps to reduce noise. The type of device will be chosen according to your needs: with or without bag, with an external outlet or not, with 1 or 2 motors, equipped with a HEPA filter, etc.

Advantages of central vacuum cleaners

The central vacuum continues to gain popularity with home and business owners because of its many advantages:

  • A light device: with a central vacuum cleaner, you only have to wield a light hose to vacuum, unlike the canister vacuum cleaner which is much heavier to pull.
  • A powerful system: more powerful than the canister vacuum cleaner, the central vacuum cleaner has a greater suction capacity, which further improves its performance.
  • Superior filtration: the air drawn in is not returned to the room. Even the smallest particles of dust, dirt and allergens are sucked up. In addition, the filter and the recovery capacity are far superior to that of a conventional vacuum cleaner.
  • Quiet operation: since central vacuums are usually installed in a room far away in the house, the noises produced by the motor are muted. This system is therefore quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners.

Do business with experts

Regardless if you buy your central vacuum from one of our 4 branches in the Montreal area or from another store, LA MAISON DE L’ASPIRATEUR will offer you professional and reliable central vacuum installation service. Our installers have more than 50 years of experience in the field of central vacuum installation and perform their work quickly and efficiently, without visible piping and without causing any damage to your home.

Contact the branch nearest to you for the purchase or installation of a central vacuum cleaner. You will find the phone numbers of the branches at the bottom of the page.