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We come to your home for the installation of central vacuum cleaners or to pick-up for in-store repair.                                                                                                                         RBQ: 5793-5512-01

Service à domicile

In-home central vacuum installation service

For in-home central vacuum cleaner installation service (or at your shop or place of business) in Montreal and the surrounding area, do business with LA MAISON DE L’ASPIRATEUR. These high-performance systems can be installed into existing buildings as well as being put into new homes or businesses. Installation is done quickly, in only one or two visits.

Our technician will help you choose the most suitable place to install the device (motor unit). Most of the time the best place to install it will be in the garage, the mechanical room or in a closet. Our technician will also determine the location of the suction outlets so that the hoses can reach every nook and cranny of your home or business. They will also determine the location of the suction intakes. Next they determine the location of the piping network, followed by the installation of the wall outlets and all of the necessary ducts for the proper operation of the device.


In-home service for repairing and unblocking a central vacuum cleaner

If your central vacuum cleaner is no longer working optimally or if it won’t start up, do not attempt to repair it by yourself! You risk making things worse. A member of our team will be able to come to your home (or your store or business) to diagnose the problem and (if necessary) to pick up the device to bring it to the store for a free estimate in order to have it repaired.

If the problem comes from the ducts (blockage or a broken duct), our technician will be able to assess the situation and quickly fix the problem while on-site. It’s paramount to not attempt to unblock the pipes using a probe (known commonly as a snake), as you risk either deteriorating or breaking the piping, which may have become dry over the years.

Our team of technicians has decades of experience repairing vacuum cleaners of all brands, regardless of the model or when it was manufactured! We will check the motor and the condition and operation of all of the mechanical parts in order to make an accurate diagnosis. We can then replace any defective parts with either new or used parts. We stock a large inventory of both new and used parts. If we don’t have the parts in stock, we can order them quickly so that you can have your vacuum cleaner back ASAP. Note that it’s possible to have a loaner vacuum cleaner while yours is being repaired.

LA MAISON DE L’ASPIRATEUR is the official service center for most of the major vacuum cleaner brands on the market. We can therefore take care of yours if it is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. (Contact us to find out if your vacuum cleaner is covered by the manufacturer's warranty).

Online ordering and delivery of vacuum cleaners

Would you like to buy your vacuum cleaner by shopping through our online store? You will be able to find all the models and brands that we sell in store. We offer speedy delivery of central vacuums, canister vacuums, hand vacuums, steam cleaners, bags and accessories, and much more!

If you need help choosing your new vacuum cleaner, contact one of our specialists by phone to obtain personalized advice on choosing the right product. You will find the telephone numbers of the various branches of LA MAISON DE L’ASPIRATEUR at the bottom of the page.


* Not applicable for commercial products. A delivery fee of $ 25 is charged for the delivery of commercial vacuum cleaners.